With two manufacturing units and over 120,000 m² of technology, the Selmi Group is advancing to bring the highest quality food on the market.

Selmi has two modern manufacturing units with state-of-the-art structures to offer the most innovative products for the Brazilian family. The units are located in the cities of Sumaré (SP) and Rolândia (PR), counting on machines and equipment fully automated, from theselection of raw material to the packaging process.
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Production Process

Production Process

Following the strictest quality standards, know a little about the Selmi product manufacturing process.

The Selmi product manufacturing process goes through a strict quality control, with the strict analysis of raw materials and selection of healthy ingredients to join the Selmi tradition with technological advances in the food industry. Following the main standards of food safety along with the supervision of the quality team, the commitment is to bring a final product of excellence to the customers.
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With confidence in the quality of Selmi products, check out how many calories you have a serving of pasta and its functionality in food.

The Food Guide for the Brazilian Population recommends 6 servings of foods rich in complex carbohydrates, such as pasta, cereals, breads, tubers and roots. Pasta, rice and potatoes, in certain portions, are nutritious choices and offer the right amount of carbohydrate to the meal. Carbohydrate brings the energy that the body needs to perform day-to-day activities, as well as being crucial for brain functioning, exerting a secondary fuel function on the body.
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Quality and Sustainability

Quality and Sustainability

Concerned about the environment, Selmi has achieved quality certifications.

In all the plants, Selmi implemented the Good Manufacturing Practices System (GMP), an international certification that guarantees a standard process with the perfect conditions of hygiene and cleaning. In addition, the units have the project Hazard Analysis System and Critical Control Points, an internal process that ensures the optimization of production and food quality, a Selmi commitment to the Brazilian family.
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With over 130 years of tradition, the former Pastificio Selmi has expanded into the manufacture of products throughout its history.

Investing year after year in cutting-edge technology and innovation until it becomes a food industry, Selmi seeks in its history to produce food with the highest quality of the market. Get to know all the manufacturing facilities and the processing of the wheat until the arrival to your table, combining the best flavor with the tradition in bringing a product elaborated with the maximum of perfection to the Brazilian families. The Selmi product line counts on cookies of all kinds, varied pastas, ready-made cakes and mixes for cake, flour, olive oil and grated cheese.
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The tradition and the taste of the products Galo and Renata are taken to the whole world.

The export of Selmi passes through more than 30 countries in 4 continents tasting the best recipes that take the Brazilian flavor. Selmi will continue to focus on growing numbers and global brand recognition. Selmi products undergo an intensive improvement in the production and logistics process, with the goal of consolidating our brands in all corners of the world.


Distribution centers throughout Brazil and its own fleet of vehicles, Selmi is concerned with the deadline for the arrival of orders to customers.

Products that were sold in small quantities on a regional scale are now exported to every corner of the world. Selmi products have achieved huge proportions in sales and also have deposits in the main Brazilian regions - located in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Itajaí, Cuiabá, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Campo Grande and Canoas, totaling over 17,000 m² of warehouses .
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Food Service

A menu prepared with flavor and results.

Whenever the subject is food consumption outside the home, Selmi is concerned about offering the best menu products and services. Our purpose is to achieve the taste of home-made food with the quality and agility required by the best food establishments. In addition to preserving high quality, safety, timely delivery and advantages, Selmi offers technical training to its Food Service customers.
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Sales Force

Sales Force

Our resellers are at your disposal to offer the best service. Find the representative that serves you in your area.

An excellent sales team that knows all Selmi products and is prepared to serve all regions of Brazil and the world - this is our team of professionals trained and motivated to understand the need of the markets and make our products accessible to final consumers. Focused on the customer, the sales team tracks every order until finding the ideal solution, realizing commercial visits with integrated support of the Selmi Group for the realization of the sales.