Food Service

A menu prepared with flavor and results.

Whenever the subject is food consumption outside the home, Selmi is concerned about offering the best menu products and services. Our purpose is to achieve the taste of home-made food with the quality and agility required by the best food establishments. In addition to preserving high quality, safety, timely delivery and advantages, Selmi offers technical training to its Food Service customers.
Topics such as nutritional information, preparation information and recipes developed by the best professionals are always addressed, always taking into account the characteristics of each business.
Always attentive to world trends, Selmi invests in research and development of new products to better serve the Food Service segment, with the aim of being recognized as the fastest growing company in demand and quality, whether in Brazil or abroad.
If you have questions about information, requests and services, contact our qualified on-call staff at FOOD SERVICE so that you get all the answers and work with the highest quality products.
Call: 0800 11 58 55